IT595 Week 6

Topic: Issues related to Accessible Media


  • Text: Coombs (2010) chp 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7
  • Text: Horton, Quesenbery, & Gustafson (2014) chp 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8

Course Learning Goal
The goal of this asynchronous session is for you to explore ADA compliance issues and how you can develop media in a manner that is accessible for all.

Service-Learning Goals
Start working in your Peer Rotation E Teams and outline the Ethical Needs Analysis Report.


Initial Post Due 7/2, Comment to Peers Due 7/7

Rotation E
  • Task 1 Initial Post: Based on readings, what is your current understanding of your responsibilities as a professional for making online learning accessible? In this discussion, refer to the text and your experiences when appropriate and share your thoughts on how you will go about making online learning accessible and what challenges you anticipate in the future.

    Task 1 Comments to Peers:
    Read your assigned peers' posts and provide constructive comment.

  • Task 2 Initial Post: Universal Design for Learning can be a topic of its own for an entire graduate level course. In this forum you will share resources that you believe are valuable for IT professionals to understand how UDL applies to online learning. Start by examining the following sites:
    Investigate one resource from either of the sites and share what you think is most valuable. Additionally, find one more resource on the web or in any other form (commercial video, government document, print based book etc.). When you introduce both resources explain why you believe the resources are valuable for IT professionals to gain a better understanding of UDL and how it applies to online learning.

    Task 2 Comments to Peers:
    Read your assigned peers' posts and provide constructive comment.

Individual Work

  • Task 3 Identify a media product that you are going to make revisions for accessibility, and start working on it.
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