IT595 Week 2

Topic: Technology Accessibility Issues

  • Text: Coombs (2010) chp 1, 2, & 8
  • Text: Horton, Quesenbery, & Gustafson (2014) chp 1 & 2
  • Text: Vance, Lipsitz,, & Parks (2014) chp 4 & 5
  • Read ahead for Week 4 Ethical Case Analysis,your assigned team chapter

Course Learning Goals
The goal of this asynchronous session is for you to start identifying what your role is as an ethical professional in instructional technology and how that would impact your interactions with others. You are also expected to read ahead in preparation for the Ethical Case Analysis and start planning the assignment in your groups.

Service-Learning Goals
The goal of this asynchronous session is for you to work in your teams to identify how other universities are providing accessible online programs related services to students and identify Cases for the Ethical Case Analysis.


Due: Initial Post Due 6/5, Comment to Peers Due 6/9--Follow these dates for all activities including those in the public discussion forum and Group designated space.

Peer Rotation B

  • Task 1: After reading assigned¬† readings for this week participate in a discussion designed to prepare you for the Ethical Leader Statement. Create a thread in and discuss what it means to you to be an ethical professional in the field of instructional technology with a focus in online learning environments? When preparing a response include discussions on the following topics in your initial response:
  1. How is accessibility in online learning environments a moral, legal, and ethical issue?
  2. When designing online learning environments that are accessible for all learners, what types of disabilities would you expect students to come to class?
  3. When you design online learning environments, what are your responsibilities for making the experience and activities accessible for all learners?

When appropriate make clear connections to readings, your experiences, and course discussions. This activity is designed to prepare you for the Ethical Technology Leader Statement assignment. To effectively prepare your discussions for the assignment review the assignment details.

In your response to peers:

    1. Read posts made by members in your rotation and provide comments. When appropriate provide further connections to readings, your experiences, and course discussions to help your peers generate new ideas.
    2. Read posts in 2 other peer teams and respond to their discussions.
  • Task 2: In the designated Blackboard Group Space, work in your Peer Rotation B team, which is your Ethical Case Analysis group and plan how your team will facilitate asynchronous discussions on your assigned topic for Week 4. Review the Ethical Case Analysis assignment details and send questions to the instructor to ensure that your activities will effectively prepare you for the assignment.

    In your group space you need to accomplish the following:
    1. Individually read the assigned chapter for your group, help each other understand chapter content by using the tools in the Blackboard Group Space such as the Discussion Board, Blogs, and Wiki's to help each other master the content. In your teams you are not required to use all of the tools available in Blackboard, but decide which tools you are going to use for team communication. Post comments that indicate that you have read the materials by 11:59pm 6/5.
    2. Individually explore real-world cases related to your group's assigned topic that are also related to UT's initiative for making online programs accessible for all learners. Share the cases among your own group to help decide which case your group will anchor course discussions for Week 4. Share relevant cases you found by 11:59pm 6/5.
    3. In your team, review the potential cases you found on your own and share ideas for facilitating asynchronous discussions during Week 4. Make sure that you are actively engaging in this discussion from 6/5 to 6/9. Remember while planning as a team that your team discussion activity must be provided to the class by 11:59pm on 6/16.
  • Task 3: In the discussion forum that is open to all with no peer rotation requirements start a thread with questions you have for the Director of Online Programs. Post your question by the initial post due date, and read and respond to at least 3 other posts by your peers by the comment due date.

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